Out with the old.

2017 was both the apex and nadir of contemproary comedy. In the last decade or so, more individuals started doing comedy in various mediums, venues, and styles (Netflix alone released at least one comedy special each week in 2017), and this glut of comedy has contributed to what many have described as the “comedy bubble.” … Continue reading Out with the old.


Surprisingly Good Comedy

We live in a time flush with comedy, and let's face it: A lot of comedy out there is just plain bad. And here's the problem with studying comedy: your tolerance for bad comedy is drastically lowered. No, scratch that -- your tolerance for good comedy is lowered. Once you recognize the setups, the structures, the formats, … Continue reading Surprisingly Good Comedy

Je ne suis pas Charlie

The recent Charlie Hebdo massacre needs no prefacing. We know the details: Charlie Hebdo is a satirical French magazine targeting primarily right wing politics and religious extremism, and on 7 January 2015, twelve individuals at their offices were killed in an act of terror. Much of the discourse surrounding Charlie Hebdo in the last several days has focused on the magazine's … Continue reading Je ne suis pas Charlie

Mike Birbiglia: Sleepwalking, Self-Defenestration, and the Trouble With Marriage

"To be a comedian, you have to be a little bit delusional." So I finally watched Mike Birbiglia's film, Sleepwalk With Me (2012).  For anyone interested in stand-up comedy or what makes comedians tick, this is essential viewing.  Here's the trailer: For those unfamiliar with the film, it stars Birbiglia (here named Matt Pandamiglio, which … Continue reading Mike Birbiglia: Sleepwalking, Self-Defenestration, and the Trouble With Marriage